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American Energy Products Markets

Our Markets

American Energy Products,LLC is part of the AEP Group of companies which has a distributed structure of sales people and subsidiaries in various countries. We concentrate on Central America & Caribbean, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Map American Energy Products Markets

American Energy Products,LLC (AEP) is a U.S company, based in Atlanta (Georgia), dedicated to sell products, projects and services from world's best manufacturers for the Electrical Energy Sector in the markets of Central America, the Caribbean and South America. We operate as agents and distributors at a regional level representing some of the most competitive T&D product manufacturers.

AEP has a very unique structure based on technical and market knowledge focused on reaching its success by making its customers and vendors successful in the markets we serve.

Making our customers Successful

  • We are a one-stop place where our customers can find all the materials and services they need for their projects.
  • Strong engineering capability that allows our customers to offload part of the heavy burden of handling complex quotes and projects.
  • As a regionally focused Master Agent/Distributor (one that covers a region instead of an individual country) AEP participates in a high number of projects and so it has the experience, the knowledge and the resources to respond with fast and complete proposals (technically, commercially, etc.) to requests for packages of diverse equipment. This feature is especially valuable for EPC contractors.
  • We stay close to our customers. Our regional Managers, Sales Engineers and local associates are in constant contact with our customers to make sure their needs are served with the quality and speed they deserve.
  • AEP has very strong logistics and international commerce skills that allow us to deal with our customer's very unique requirements for each particular country and project where they pursue business.
  • We bring very competitive products to our customers. We spend a fair amount of time developing good trustable vendors, we establish solid relationships with them, we audit their factories, we monitor their performance and we make sure that our customers will be well served.
  • Together with our vendors we constantly provide training seminars, new product bulletins and technical information that keep our customers on top of their game.

Making our vendors successful.

  • AEP has been trusted by top-notch manufacturers from all over the world with their product lines. This assures other companies that want to work with us that we are good in what we do. No guesswork.
  • We work with vendors from the United States, China, Mexico, Turkey, and from many other countries. Our people have a strong multi-cultural approach and international experience that makes things easy for our vendors.
  • We have excellent relationships and deep knowledge of each country in our region. We provide our vendors with immediate connection to the markets we serve (otherwise it can take very long time).
  • We simplify the meaning of 'having presence in a market'. Our regional (multi-country) approach allows our vendors to do business in many countries, big or small, without the need of having agents on each one of them. By working with AEP our vendors sales force greatly optimizes their time since no matter the country they are working with the same people that know their products and work methods.
  • Our technical and engineering capabilities on a particular product line are noticeably enhanced after we work for some time with a determined vendor. This allows AEP to be a capable counterpart in preparing bids, responding to customer questions and assisting customers on technical and service requirements.
  • Thanks to its project focused approach (being a one stop place to find all products and services) AEP provides many ways for our vendors to participate in many projects. We always try to offer all our product line into the projects where we are invited to quote a determined single product.